Things get fishy on April 24th

Well, release day has been set; Fishy Riot will come out on April 24th! WOOHOO!

I’m so happy with the cover by AngstyG. I had no idea what the cover should be but this captures so many of the little things I wouldn’t have even thought of. I love the made up riot squad emblem on his shirt.

You can pre-order a copy or read an excerpt here:

Cover under here:

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Maybe in April?

So originally I think Fishy Riot was set for a March release but for close to a month after the galley was completed I heard nothing at all from the publisher. The silence had me thinking maybe it was never coming out but over the weekend I was finally sent a cover preview…cool! So estimating another week to finish the cover and a month before release that would put the release around the end of April…maybe?

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.