It’s school holidays here, and I just got back from a short jaunt to Ho hi Minh city and am feeling suitably refreshed. So I have one more week of holidays before I return to work for another semester, and I’ll be trying to work on Rhino Ash to get it to my editor. Which leads to some fun news! My Dad and I both released books around the same time this year, amd since Dreamspinner aren’t keen on sequels and we each have a pile of books waiting to publish we decided to try to start our own small press.

Netherwood Press is soon to be up and running, first with a few of my father’s books including Sugarcane Lane, currently available on Amazon.

So it looks like my first book from Netherwood will be Rhino Ash, the sequel to Fishy Riot. Cool news, right? I have no set release date yet, as I’m still final drafting and then it has to go to an editor, and then I need to arrange for a cover but hey at least it’s progressing!

As I am about to hit the 100th rating on goodreads, I figured I’d have a little giveaway. Not many people (if any) read this blog, so…the first person to comment on this post will receive a free signed copy of Fishy Riot… Let’s see how long this takes! Ha!