And somehow it’s September

So, it’s somehow September! School is crazy busy right now, and I’ve just started studying for my PhD, so working and studying full time once again, which is always a bit full on but fun! I have found a little time on the side to continue working on Barricade while Rhino Ash is out for it’s first edit. When it comes back there are a few pieces missing that need to be added before the next edit while Barricade is out for editing, and so it goes… With any luck Rhino Ash should be ready for release in a month or two, and Barricade is set for a Dec/Jan release so YAY.

With other stories in the works I keep briefly picking things up and putting them down again, mostly because work is crazy for the next few weeks but after that I will buckle down and really start working on either North or Human, and once that’s done I’ll get back to work on Blue Ivories. So there is a very rough schedule to things but not a lot of anything concrete right now. There is a massive pile of books needing edits, a few needing re-writes, a literature review that won’t write itself, a pile of readings much higher than my ‘want to read’ list and a few shows to put on.

I’ll update again when I have more exciting news.

P.S thanks for finding my blog, and for those who jumped in on the giveaway! Jen and Marg, your books went out in the post last week, but coming from Darwin who knows when they’ll actually arrive!