About Lindsey

Lindsey lives in Darwin, Australia, where the weather report permanently reads ‘humidity at 100%, only going to get worse’ for ten months of the year and ‘monsoon at 4pm, for exactly fifteen minutes’ for the remaining two. She escapes this oppressive environment to bushwalk for weeks on end wherever the mobile phone reception has zero bars for as long as possible and the weather report reads something along the lines of ‘blizzard likely’, between teaching and studying full time. She enjoys martial arts, music and mayhem, which explains the untidy state of her home where she attempts to write between splitting minimal amounts of spare time between her incredulous husband, lazy Chinchilla cat and crazed Siberian husky. If you expect her to sit and have a chat it’s best to have a matcha green tea latte with almond milk on hand, and your hiking boots within reach. Oh, and be sure to bring a guitar for impromptu jam sessions.