Things get fishy on April 24th

Well, release day has been set; Fishy Riot will come out on April 24th! WOOHOO!

I’m so happy with the cover by AngstyG. I had no idea what the cover should be but this captures so many of the little things I wouldn’t have even thought of. I love the made up riot squad emblem on his shirt.

You can pre-order a copy or read an excerpt here:

Cover under here:

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Maybe in April?

So originally I think Fishy Riot was set for a March release but for close to a month after the galley was completed I heard nothing at all from the publisher. The silence had me thinking maybe it was never coming out but over the weekend I was finally sent a cover preview…cool! So estimating another week to finish the cover and a month before release that would put the release around the end of April…maybe?

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.

Getting closer

It’s fun seeing how a book comes together.

I confess the editing process of Fishy Riot has been a lot of ups and downs; I’ve seen some amazing editing and some editing that makes me wonder how someone even has a job. It makes me value my father a million times more – he’s an exceptional editor! I think that’s in part because he’s a great writer. He knows where that fine line is between making writing better vs wanting to write it your way. Thanks Dad!

It’s pouring rain here – it is the wet season, after all. And I’ve been very sick of late. This has resulted in some fairly productive writing overall but not a lot of productivity in anything else. Ah well. Such is life.

Hopefully 2017 brings good things.

Fishy Riot exits second edit

So, small update. Fishy Riot has escaped it’s second round of editing. The whole editing process has been quite a revelation, mostly because of the control an editor is given over a work. I’ve had two editors look at the book now, and each had entirely different opinions of it. The first left my thinking no one would ever read the book and that my entire culture was in some way barbaric and unrecognizable in literature. The second left me wondering if the first simply had no sense of humour at all. Which leaves me wondering about humour. Sometimes I read a book and I think it’s hysterical, but it’s always a subtle thing. Often the book hammers you with slapstick that leaves me rolling my eyes and wondering if anyone would ever behave like that in real life. My first edit removed much of the subtle humour from my book; there is no cleverness left in the humour, and I no longer think that’s a cultural misunderstanding so much as a personal thing. Australian humour requires a combination of intelligence, social understanding and perception and decades of it being misunderstood evidences how rarely that understanding crosses cultural boundaries. I think it’s becoming more common, but it saddens me greatly that no one else will ever get to see the unfiltered version of these characters; the aussie version, as opposed to the American sterilized version. But thus is what we learn in the editing process 🙂

A book!

Hello world indeed.

Last August, in between tantrums about having to write my thesis, I took a hiatus and wrote a gay romance novel. Noticing Dreamspinner Press had a fancy new line just for books set in the commonwealth, I took a punt and submitted. Turns out, the book’s coming out in about April. So here’s a fancy new author page, just for that. When I have anything more interesting to say, I’ll put it here.