Not the cover reveal you were expecting

I’m just going to start by saying Rhino Ash is still coming out this month – hopefully! It’s ready, it’s just waiting on it’s cover. I have a very small mailing list that I hope to grow and so I trawled through my writing folders and found a novel I wrote over a decade ago. Obviously it was in need of a lot of love and attention; it needs an edit and in a lot of places a rewrite so I’m working on that at the moment.

It will soon be given as a freebie for those who join the Blacklist. So as a small teaser, below, under the ‘read more’ tag is the cover for Whispers of Autumn! I’ll send it out to the current list as soon as it’s ready to see the light of day again, it really does need a lot of work.

It’s a cute, silly little hurt/comfort story about accepting who you are. Cover by the brilliant Natasha Snow.