Working on…stuff

So, another few weeks and FR has officially been out for a month! Time flies! It has had some more lovely reviews and some really hilarious bad ones. I’m just glad some people enjoy it.

I’ve finally pulled Rhino Ash out of the depths of the MS folder and have started rummaging through to add the missing bits and pieces it needs before it will go off to the editor. Barricade has also been pulled back out for it’s rework, which is a much larger but somehow more enjoyable job. And I’m working on a new idea currently titled ‘Human’ that I’m thoroughly enjoying toying with. Blue Ivories is also still sitting there, stagnant, as is North, but I’m sure I’ll come back to those when the reworking of the others is finished.

So, I am working on stuff, just not anything specifically and nothing with a real deadline in mind. I would like to think I can polish RA up by July-ish, but who knows. We shall see!